Shakespeare is without doubt the most famous British poet and playwright and, although it may be a bit complex, it is well worth the effort. Let's introduce Shakespeare with this infographic.

William Shakespeare
by KaeLani.
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Next,read the biography on Shakespeare below and complete the missing information. Visit: to find the correct information and complete it.

Shakespeare was born in ________ ________ ________ in Warwickshire. His father was a ________merchant and ________ maker. It is believed he schooled locally at ________ _________ ________ Grammar School.

At 18 he celebrated his marriage to ________ ________. They married in ________ and in total had ________ children together. Firstly ________ and then ________ Hamnet and Judith. Sadly Hamnet died at the age of ________. 

As well as being a playwright Shakespeare was also an ________ and was one of the managing partners in Lord Chamberlain’s Theatre Company, later renamed the King’s Company. Shakespeare wrote his first poems ________ ________ ________ and The Rape of Lucrece between ________and ________.

As a playwright Shakespeare was ________ and from 1594 to 1611 he wrote about ________ plays per ________. Most of his early plays were ________ and ________. Due to his increased success, in ________ Shakespeare was able to move upmarket to Silver Street. It was here he wrote King Lear, Macbeth, Othello and his classic play ________. 

The final years of his life were spent in ________ ________ in Stratford. He died aged ________ on 23rd April 1616. He famously left his ________ ________ bed to his wife Anne Hathaway. The reason for this is unknown.

Click on the following link and find out more about Shakespeare, there are some fun facts, games, videos and other interesting links. Feel free to explore and practice some English.


Finally, you can read a review from The New York Times of Much Ado About Nothing , the film we will be watching in class. Click on the image.

This poster will also be very useful to understand Shakespeare's language. Make it bigger by clicking on it.


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