Royal Weddings: Past and Present

Watch the following video on British royal weddings to get some background information on the wedding of William and Kate.


UNIT 8        SPORTS
Let's practice some of the vocabulary related to sports:
Activity one.
Game one. Sports.
Game two. Sports places.
Game three. Sports equipment.
And now a game of tennis. Hip hop tennis. 

If you want to practise more, try this other games. Remember to read the instructions carefully before you start.
Vocabulary game.
Passive form.
Active- Passive.
I hope you have fun!!!!


Bunnies are an Easter symbol in UK and children believe that if they are good, the Easter bunny will leave chocolate eggs for them.
Hop is a new film by Universal Studios, which has just been released. The main topic is Easter and Easter bunnies. Watch the trailer and start dreaming about the holidays.


The topic of Unit 8 is the weather. I have prepared some activities for you for the computer room ,if the Internet connection allows us. Otherwise, you can work at home from your own computers. Enjoy the activities!!
Let's begin with vocabulary and pronunciation. Activity one.Activity two.
Now try these two games. Game one. Game two.
And finally do you want to become a weather man or woman? Game three.
If you have succeeded in all the previous activities, you can try this other game about parts of speech. Game.


Right click on the link and read the article on "piropos" or compliments in English. Look up the words you don't know and make a summary of its content.

No thanks for the compliment