Although we are the English teachers, we often make lots of mistakes.This infographic below highlights some of the most common grammatical errors we make.

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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We are studying these days how to introduce people in English and how to give personal information. You are going to meet Magda Gorzynski who comes from Poland and is a student in London. Click on her image , listen to her and do the comprehension tasks.

I think you will also enjoy this video, which contains a selection of scenes from different series showing how people can introduce themselves and each other in English. Write down the different expressions they use.


Let's practice what we have learnt this week. Click on the link below:

Here are some links for tomorrow's class.

First of all, let's revise some pronunciation. Click on the image below. Watch the videos and do the exercises.

Now, do the following level test to check your English. Click on the link below:

Once you have finished, do the listening exercise. Click on the link below:

And now you are ready to do a PET practice test. Click on the image below:


This is the first post about phonetics, which I intend to do throughout the year. If we learn the phonetic symbols and their sound, it will help us to improve our pronunciation in English.
I'm sure you must have wondered what those strange symbols that appear next to words in the dictionary are. They represent sounds, 44 different characters to represent them all. However, there are only 26 letters in the English alphabet. It may seem a bit challenging, but it is very important to become familiar with them. 
Watch the following video about the sounds of English. Click on the link below and wait for the video to upload.

Now click on the image and listen to the different sounds, you can also hear an example of a word which contains that sound.
Let's do some practice now. Click on the image and try the following exercises:
- Phom' Chart quiz (on your left)
- Phonemic chart puzzle (on your left)
- Phonemic hangman (on your left)

And one more game. Learn to count syllables in English with: