The song of the week is a tribute to Lou Reed, one of the most influential singers and song-writers in rock who has died this week.

There's a down town fairy singing out Proud Mary
as she cruises Christopher Street
And some Southern Queen is acting loud and mean
where the docks and the Badlands meet
This Halloween is something to be sure
Especially to be here without you
There's a Greta Garbo and an Alfred Hitchcock
and some black Jamaican stud
There's five Cinderellas and some leather drags
I almost fell into my mug
There's a Crawford, Davis and a tacky Cary Grant
And some Homeboys lookin' for trouble down here from the Bronx
But there ain't no Hairy and no Virgin Mary
you won't hear those voices again
And Johnny Rio and Rotten Rita
you'll never see those faces again
This Halloween is something to be sure
Especially to be here without you
There's the Born Again Losers and the Lavender Boozers
and some crack team from Washington Heights
The boys from Avenue B and the girls from Avenue D
a Tinkerbell in tights
This celebration somehow get me down
Especially when I see you're not around
There's no Peter Pedantic saying things romantic
in Latin, Greek or Spic
There's no Three bananas or Brandy Alexander
dishing all their tricks
It's a different feeling that I have today
Especially when I know you've gone away
There's a girl from Soho with a teeshirt saying I Blow
she's with the jive five 2 plus 3
And the girls for pay dates are giving cut rates
or else doing it for free
The past keeps knock, knock, knocking on my door
And I don't want to hear it anymore
No consolations please for feelin' funky
I got to get my head above my knees
But it makes me mad and mad makes me sad
and then I start to freeze
In the back of my mind I was afraid it might be true
In the back of my mind I was afraid that they meant you
The Halloween Parade
At the Halloween parade 
At the Halloween parade 
See you next year, at the Halloween parade


Halloween is getting near. Some of you will be getting ready to celebrate it. Here are some more ideas. First, read the infographic.

Halloween Infographic 2013

Now, click on the picture below to play the game.

And finally, here is an interactive book. By clicking on the right top corner, different pages will open with all kind of activities, listenings included. Click on the image below to open the book and have fun!

You can also watch this video.


And this is the video we saw in class the other day. Watch it and repeat the verbs. 

Now some irregular verbs.

Finally, revise irregular verbs and practise for the exam with this wheel. Click on it and make sure you read how to play first.


Ready for Halloween? Do you want any ideas for your costume?

Halloween Pop-Costume Index
by lglynn.
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


And now, let's do some serious work. Here you are the different links you have to use to answer the questions in the webquest. At the end of the class you have to hand me your work, so don't waste your time.

Next you have to do a bit of listening. Click on the word.


For those of you who want to do some reading, here you are.

And the song of the week.


Here are three model compositions from your classmates, Alicia Marín, Alicia González and Marta Ruíz. Read and study them, as you can use them as models. Thanks a million, girls!

Are you influenced by models you watch on TV or see in magazines? Do you make efforts to look like these models? Do these models have an effect on the opinion you have of yourself?

     Nowadays models have a lot of influence on people, mostly on teenagers who are growing up and want to become pretty girls or handsome boys and have a good view of themselves.
     In my case, I do not care about models. Consequently, I do not mane any effort to look like them. From my point of view, the meaning of beauty is not being that thin and I do not believe people would like someone who can terrify them when they look up at her and only see bones.
    Although everybody wants to be good-looking, I reckon having a model as a reference only makes you unhappy when you look at yourself in the mirror and realize you are not as thin as the model and as a consequence that may cause you eating disorders.
   On balance, appearance is just an accessory, who really loves you does not mind about it.
                                                                          Alicia M. Marín ( 2 A )

Why are the fashion and advertising industries so obsessed with thin models? Do you think that being thin still sells nowadays?

    In recent years, it is very common to buy a fashion magazine, open any page and, surely, see a thin, slim pretty girl that is wearing an outfit that you love. At first glance, it fits her perfectly and you want to acquire it because "if you wear it, you will look as beautiful as her".
    That is the reason why fashion and advertising industries only hire models with those characteristics. The current beauty ideal is so different compared to other times. Now, people like people who are slim. Most of the boys look for nice thin bodies, look for the woman stereotype of the 21st century.
    This leads us to affirm that thinness sells. And this is true, because lots of women struggle to lose weight and to wear a size 34 in T-shirts or a size 38 in jeans. Famous actresses, singers and models become their role model.
    To sum up, being thin is an advantage, a way of life, an awful way to measure women, disregarding their health, self-esteem and personality.
                                                                        Alicia González ( 2 B )

Why are the fashion and advertising industries so obsessed with thin models? Do you think that being thin still sells nowadays?

    The world of fashion has always wanted to sell as much fashion as possible. For this purpose they try to choose the best bodies for their advertisements. The problem is how to know which bodies are the best.
    Normally people have a specific type of body in mind when they think of the "ideal woman". This kind of thought has always existed, but the shape of the body has been changing. We have changed from extremely fat women to skinny ones.
    The fashion and advertising industries have been selecting thinner girls each time because they thought they would reach perfection with each step, but sadly they have gone too far and now that kind of bodies doesn't sell nor looks healthy.
    In my opinion, they should use more average-sized models because they would be a better influence, they wouldn't make any other woman feel depressed and, of course, the industries would sell a lot more.
                                                                      Marta Ruíz ( 2 B )


Watch these videos and revise question words and present simple.

Now, click on the numbers and do all the exercises.
Present Simple exercises: 1, 2 and 3.
When you finish, look for the DONE sign, click on it and see if you are right or wrong.


Check this, it may be useful!!

Grammar.net [Infographic provided by Grammar.net]


The 24th October, each year, is the International Nations Day, which promotes the aims and achievements of the United Nations and intends to gain people's support for its work.
We have prepared a quiz for you to complete. Use the following webpages to answer the different questions.

In 1996 the UN Commission On Human Rights drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Click on the image and you will see a poster with a simplified version of the Declaration. Read it and think about those rights. Are they really respected and protected?


Remember, reading improves your writing.


Nip something in the bud is an informal expression which means stop a bad situation from becoming worse by acting at an early stage of its development.

And the song of the week.


I am uploading here a couple of compositions written by two of your classmates, Marta Ruíz and Alicia González. Both are well structured essays with hardly any grammar mistakes. Worth having a look at them. Thanks Marta and Alicia for allowing its publication.



It is common to see how the number of students with behavioural problems increases day after day. People try to solve these problems by expelling the kids, but this might be a bit complicated.

A lot of students behave rudely at school because that is what they see at home. Many children try to escape from a difficult situation by reflecting the same behaviour with other people.

Some of them may have been bullied when they were younger and then they decide to misbehave to protect themselves. Even though those would be good reasons to explain behavioral problems, a lot of kids just need to learn how to be polite.

In conclusion, I believe that most of the problems related to the students' behaviour appear because of previous experiences and a lot of them are misunderstandings, but there are cases of bad-mannered students, too.
                                                                        Marta Ruíz


Unfortunately, it is a fact that most of the classes have got disruptive students: people who tend not to respect the teacher or even their own classmates. The reasons are very diverse.

One of the most common reasons is the lack of affection or good education that these students receive from their parents at home. We can see that lots of them are the son or daughter of divorced parents.

Besides, the bad influences also play a significant role in this issue. A students without a strong personality can adopt behaviors of others in order to be accepted into a particular group.

We can conclude that, for all this, it is very important to establish good pillars in the children's education, since their first days. We should give them love and teach them to have a good personality in order to avoid future serious behavioural problems.
                                                             Alicia González


PowerPoint Project “ALL ABOUT ME” 
This first project is a presentation that describes you, your family, and anything else you want to tell about yourself. You need to be very creative. It will be about your own Life Journey! 
•    You must have a title slide and a conclusion slide.
•    You must have at least 12 slides. You may use more if you want.
•    You should apply a template to your presentation. Choose one that you like.
•    Use several different slide layouts throughout your presentation.
•    Add clip art or your own pictures  to some of your slides. Be conservative with this because too much clip art can 
make the presentation look bad.
•    When creating your presentation, remember the Rule of 7’s. No more than 7 lines of text 
per slide and no more than 7 words on a line.
 Here are some ideas of things to include in your presentation. You may use items from this list and/or use items of your own.
•    About you: your name, age, birthday, place you were born, etc. Personality/appearance
•    About your family: mum, dad, brothers and sisters.
•    Your house, your hometown.
•    Your hobbies and interests.
•    School subjects and activities. Things you like/dislike about school.
•    Your plans after high school.
•    Your favourite foods.
•    Your friends.
•    Your favourite music groups or singers.
•    Favourite places or cities you’ve visited.
•    Favourite sports.
Be prepared to present this project orally once you are done! Deadline: 12th of November!!

You can start right now, or if you would rather do some thinking at home , here you are different tasks for today. 

Practice for PET (choose to do some reading and listening)

Listening to a song (choose level A2 and wait for the video if you are lucky)

And now, see how good you are at making words in English.