The school year is over and you deserve a break. We wish you all a happy summer. Remember to practise your English in the summer time; read, listen, watch films, play games... but in English.
It has been a pleasure to teach you, so see you ......, may be next year.Take care, be happy, good and keep smiling!


We just thought you may need some motivational video before you start your selectividad exams. Don't panic!! Just feel confident and do your best. 
This is an old video with funny pictures, nice music and above all some good advice. Watch it and enjoy it.


I have booked the computers classroom for tomorrow, if any problem arises you can work from your house at the weekend. Remember we have the "use of English" exam next Thursday.
Let's begin with a crossword to revise irregular past participle forms, very important for the present perfect tense and the passive voice.
Now try some multiple choice tests.
For those of you who want to practice speaking, in a previous entry you have a speaking exercise.
Revise past and present tenses with the game Walk the Plank.Click on the image.

And finally revise passive voice by solving The Mummy Countdown.
Behave yourself, work hard and enjoy the class.