We know you have lots of plans for the weekend, but remember how important it is to devote some time to reading and listening in English. So, here it goes, this is our plan for you.


Practice the basic vocabulary: 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7.
And below are some games.

I spy haunted house

Disguise combos

Find the pumpkin

Interactive story

Halloween pumpkin room

And many more

Enjoy the songs and have a spooky Halloween!!

Watch out!
The monsters are out!
If you’re all alone
Give your friends a shout
The ghosts and the spooks
Coming out of the nooks
As your doorbell rings
Can you hear them sing?

Hello it’s Halloween! 

The air is cool
And the moon is full
Turn on the light
Before the vampires bite!
The witches are cooking
The zombies are looking
And your doorbell rings
Can you hear them sing?

Hello it’s Halloween! 

Watch out!
The monsters are out!
If you’re all alone
Give your friends a shout
The vampire’s flying
And the werewolf hunting
As your doorbell rings
Can you hear them sing?

Hello it’s Halloween!


Click on the following link and find out about how school is in different countries.

Do you know the main differences between American and British English? Click here and watch the following video. 


Traditions,celebrations, terrifying tales....., let's find out with this webquest from Onestopenglsish. Here you are the links you will  need to answer the different questions.When finished, please hand me in your work.

Finally, explore and try any of the activities in this webpage.


Reading time with this article from The Times in Plain English.

Today we start a series of videos about English idioms, "expressions whose meaning is different  from the meaning of the individual words. They are very common in spoken English, so let's get familiar with some of them.

And sing along with ......


For this team project you have to imagine you are an English teacher and you want to prepare some activities for your students. Using Educaplay, an online tool, prepare 3 multimedia activities to study or revise any content (vocabulary, grammar, comprehension or writing) there is a variety of activities for you to choose (crossword puzzles, jumbled words, word searches....) and there is also a bank of resources if you want to get some ideas or see some samples. This is the link to the webpage.
And here is a tutorial.

Start working now. Deadline: Tuesday 17th November.
And when you deserve a rest, try any of these games.


Read this interesting article from VOA news with some advice for all of you. Listen at the same time you read.

Learning from mistakes. Do you make any of these mistakes?

Sing along and be happy!!


Watch the video through and note down the timeline of the lucky-unlucky events in Frane's life. Note down the different types of transport involved in each accident too.

Click on the names of the tenses and we will revise them:

Remember past perfect and past simple contrast.

past perfect

Something related to adjectives.

Finally some music and dark humor in a public safety warning video by an Australian rail company. Be careful!!!


Now click on the numbers and do some practice: 1 and 2.

It is time to revise now present continuous tense with these slides.

                              The Present Continuous Tense from IES Rosario de Acuña

And next we have to compare present simple and present continuous.


Click on the image to make it bigger and learn vocabulary about TV.

Source: Engames

Next we are going to revise past simple and past continuous.

Here you are a couple of videos.

Click on the numbers and do some practice: 1, 2, 3 and 4.
And to make learning irregular verbs a bit different, try these links.
An irregular verb wheel game from Macmillan.

And another interesting link from British Council.


Remember to finish the worksheet about "The Queen" and give it to me before the class finishes. Then we will do some reading and listening practice.
First, read about the pop-up phenomenon and do the quiz.

Now, watch the video and do the activities. Click on the image.

Finally, find out how many words you know with this game.


No need to insist on the importance of reading! This week you have an article from Voa News, an American webpage for learning English, and you can read and listen at the same time.

Next, watch a video about English spelling and enjoy the song of the week.