There is no need to emphasize again how important learning English pronunciation is, nor how unpredictable it is. Therefore you should get in the habit of checking the pronunciation of words in a dictionary. Then you need to recognize the symbols, sounds and pronounce them.
First we will revise the sounds in The Phonemic chart. Click on the phoneme to hear the sounds, wait for a sample word to be read and then repeat the sound.

Now we will focus on the pair of sounds we studied the other day in class:  /æ/   /ʌ/. Watch the videos and then do some exercises to contrast them.


Finished? Here you are a free resource called Phonetic focus, which has about 20 different interactive tools. You have to start by checking your level, so look for "Entry and Exit" and take the test. After it, choose any other activity and start practising.

Let's do something different now and do some listening comprehension. Click on the link below and try the exercises.

What do you think about shopping?

If you have done everything, it means you have worked a lot, then you deserve some relax with Professor Garfield's Reading ring game. Read the comic strips and then put them in the correct order. to win the round, you have to answer two questions correctly. Good luck!!


Today some tips to become a perfect language learner with this interesting infographic from StGeorge International. Click on the image and you will see it much better.

Here you are the article for the weekend.



On the 26th of September  we celebrate the European Day of Languages. First we will give you some links so that you can answer all the questions on the web quest. Work individually, at your own pace and write down the answers. Click on the questions below.

Now you can try this game, but there are many more if you want.

By the way, do you know how many languages can your favourite celebrities speak?


This is the beginning of a very special school year for you, as hopefully your time as secondary students will come to an end. It won´t be easy, so be ready to work hard and why not? Enjoy it. 
Today I would like to finish the lab lesson with a bit of thinking about your wishes and expectations for this new school year. Here you are a collaborative tool, called Padlet or wall wisher.Take your time, click on the image, double tap the screen and a multimedia note appears where you can write your wish and your name please. 
Thanks for your participation, I will upload it on the blog and we will see it in class tomorrow.


This is the first weekend of the new school year and we want to wish you a nice weekend. It would be a good idea to start it watching this video where different people explain why they are learning English. Do you share the people's opinions or what is your reason to study English?

And now the newspaper article to practice reading comprehension. Click on the link, read the article, look up any words which you consider important and make sure you understand it. 

Enjoy the song and the weekend!!


Today, we are going to learn a little bit of British history, geography and customs. Click on the link, follow the instructions and start working. Answer the questions on a separate piece of paper. We'll go over the answers in the following lesson.

Enjoy the trip!!! 

Thanks to The EFL SMARTblog for the nice work.


When you have finished the other exercise, play this game. Click on the image below.