We can resist adding one more Christmas advertisement.

Hope you enjoy the break.Best wishes and be happy.


Last weekend before the Christmas holiday.These are the tasks for the weekend.
These are the two advertisements we have chosen for the final week.


LYRICSAnother year over
Where do they go to?
It's a mystery.
Now it's December
So much to remember
Before Christmas Eve.
I'm already late
And my train is delayed
Disruptions on the line.
I race into work
And the place is berserk
Yes, it's Christmas time.
I want to find the greatest gift
I can give my family,
But right now I don't have time to breathe.
The streets are chaotic,
The shops idiotic,
There's a queue for the queue.
A granny's taking her time at the front of the line
"Ninety-one, ninety-two".
There's a party at work
And the manager's twerkin' inappropriately.
To top off the day
Another train is delayed,
It's a catastrophe.
"Christmas time is here".
I'd like to spend the time
With the ones I love so dear.
I'm trying to find the greatest gift
I can give my family.
I don't have time,
There's only one of me.
Tell me how do people do it all,
I'll never get it done.
If only there was a way to be
In two places at once.
"Wait, that gives me an idea!"
If I wasn't alone,
What if I had a clone,
I could do so much more.
It would all be a breeze,
With a couple more mes
I'd have time galore.
I want to find the greatest gift
I can give my family.
The greatest gift I can give is me.
Now I can meet with the boss
And empty out my inbox all simultaneously,
Leaving me time to spend
With my family and friends,
Where I wanna be.
I want to find the greatest gift
I can give my family.
The greatest gift that I can give is me.
Repeat chorus


Let's begin the week with a smile. The Polish auction site Allegro has released a touching and funny advertisement for this Christmas with some great ideas for learning English. An old man on a mission to learn English .......


Christmas is nearly there, just some more work and ........If you have to buy a present for a kid, read this article before making a choice.

Ready for the Christmas advertisements??


And, as usual, sing along to "Thank God it's Christmas" with this karaoke style Queen lyrics video.


Back to routine and ready to enjoy the weekend. A new press article for you.

Two more Christmas adverts.



And sing along with .........