First, our 2 Batx students can click on the link and read the article from The Telegraph, this is the best practice for your PAU exam.


And now, a double video pick for this weekend. The first is a video I found posted in Larry Ferlazzo's website about the evolution of music. I found it really interesting and as music lovers, I'm sure you will also enjoy it.

The second is a song from Lady Antebellum's last album.


Look back at last week's entry and go on with your project. I can start checking the ones who are finished whenever you want. 
If you want to practice reported speech, click on the links.
Reported Speech 1
Reported Speech 2
Reported Speech 3
Reported Speech 4
Now, click on the song by Pink and , if you are lucky enough to get the video uploaded, you will be able to do an exercise on it.

Finish the class with this Sponge Bob game.


I guess you are all ready for the weekend, but there is time for everything. Therefore this is your reading practice.

And another song by Fun. 


As you will remember, last week we started talking about looks and appearances. To day we are going to go on with the topic and I have prepared several online activities for you.Click on the different links, don't skip any and enjoy the lesson.
Reading news (different students express their opinions, click on each of them)

Be patient, some links may take time to upload!!


Thanks to Have fun with your English blog for showing this beautiful video with the transcript.

When a child is born we do everything we can to protect them, nurture them, love them. A child’s heart and mind are fragile. As they grow we want to teach them everything that we know; we send them to school to fill their minds with wonderful knowledge, to give them the tools they need for life. At school they get a taste of what things are like in the world outside; there’s friendship, romance, disappointment, embarrassment, discrimination and bullying. But are the tools we give them enough to prepare them for this world? We have an enormous responsibility and an amazing opportunity. If we truly want to prepare them for the world outside, we must also educate the heart, because to navigate the world outside with compassion, acceptance and tolerance, we need to teach them compassion, acceptance and tolerance. This can begin in ourschools and it can start today; it can happen at hockey practice, dance class, at day camps and music lessons; and it’s already happening around the world with astonishing results. If we want our children to grow into socially and emotionally capable young people we must ask for a balanced education that putsimportance on educating both the mind and the heart.


Per a practicar pronoms febles per a l'examen de la setmana que ve, feu click ací.


My favourite music
This is probably a daring project as it involves the use of a new tool and the use of computers. Anyway, I think it is well worth the effort and the most important is to learn english, so let's get started.
We are going to use a tool called Glogster, which creates multimedia posters that can include text, images and video. For your last project, you will have to create a glog about your music preferences; you can either choose a singer , a group or a type of music. Look for information on the web and decide what information, pictures or videos you want to include before you start. Here you are some examples so you can  get a better idea . Click on the links and wait, as they may take some time to upload.
I think you should also have a look at the following tutorial, please read it carefully and go back to it if you have any questions.
When you are ready, you can register on the following link. Remember your nickname and password, you will need them.
The deadline will be on 22nd May, all the corrections have to be done before then. Be original and creative. Good luck!

Do you want to have a break? You can start playing then.


1. Search the web to find the dates of the following holidays: Labor Day, Columbus Day, Guy Fawkes,  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, Boxing Day, St Patrick's Day and Easter,
2. Why was Valentine sentenced to death? What is he famous for?
3. What do people traditionally eat on Thanksgiving?
4. What do people traditionally wear on St Patrick's Day?
5. Cite as many things as you can which people traditionally do at Hallowen.
6. Which plot is Guy Fawkes famous for?
7. Which song do people traditionally sing on New Year's Day?
8. What is an Advent Calendar?
9. On October, 12 all Pan-American lands join to celebrate a special holiday. What is the name of this holiday?
10. Search the web and find information about another holiday which is not mentionned in the list above (see question one). Describe it.
11. What do people put in the Christmas pudding? Why?
12. Which holiday occurs when it is time to bid farewell to summer?
13. What is Columbus Day supposed to honour?
14. What is Columbus Day's other name?
15. Which holiday interests you the most? Why?
Remember to bring all your answers next Monday.