D. Deubel gives us the opportunity to practise key conversation with this presentation. Listen to his questions and answer them aloud. There's a variety of topics you can practise: food, shopping, the future ..... It's a great tool, worth trying and you can start practising for your oral exams.


We don't know if any of you is giving a speech on your graduation and needs some ideas. In any case watch the following video with some famous graduation speeches. Don't panic if it seems too difficult and try to grasp the main meaning. There is some advertising at the beginning of the video, be patient.


Although the school year is over, you still have to pass the "selectividad" exam to be able to go into university. Try to read as much as you can in English and do some pratice with the mock exams in the following link.


Listening is one of the exams you will have to face in a couple of weeks, to succeed you need to practice. Here you have a couple of exercises, the second one is also a video. Listen to them as many times as you need and check your answers.

The best job in the world.


I promised to upload some listening exercises to prepare the exam. As you told me that the one about Spain we had previously uploaded seemed quite essay, try these two. Listen to it as many times as necessary and then check your answers. The first one is about phone messages, the second one is a video about Ireland. Good luck!!


In a couple of weeks we will be starting exams. Listening exams need a lot of practice, so try these two listening exercises. You can check your answers when you finish.

Text with key

Open the document below and you will see an exam test. You can do it as practice and correct it yourself as the key / solution to the text is at the end. Good luck!!!

Working From Home

Sample compositions for exams.

Hi all of you who are preparing your final exams.

Click on the link below and you will be taken to a blog where you can find sample essays, which might be useful for you. There are several topics. Click on them and read the composition. It will give you ideas for your own compositions for the exams.


Good luck!!!


Apart from being Pique's girlfriend and a famous singer, Shakira is the president of a charity called Barefoot (Pies Descalzos). This organization aims to help poor children Watch this video where she speaks about her work, you can also read the Spanish subtitles.


I'm pretty sure you all know most of this vocabulary, but try the following links and do some more practice. You can listen to the pronunciation on the first link.

Computers 1
Computers 2
And as you love games and text messaging play this one.
Mobile madness