Sorry we couldn't upload anything last Friday. This will be the last week before the holidays, let's start it with a bit of music.


Feel free to surf the following webpages and choose the activities you want to try. There is a bit of everything: grammar, listening, reading, songs, games .......


Let's hope you have started the week in a good mood because we have lots of things to do. This unit we are going to talk about social norms and manners around the world. watch the video first.

As you can see, food, cultural differences or practices,local manners ......are very different all over the world. Even when you have the best intentions, everything from greeting to eating can be an opportunity to do the wrong thing. 

Dining Etiquette Around The World

Obviously, we need some kind of a guide:


In case you are planning to travel, check this infographic first.

What Not To Do As A Tourist


17th March is here again and Irish people all over the world will be celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. Learn about this day with the following links.

Now click on the following link and try to answer the three pages of multiple questions.

If there are still some questions you can't answer, watch the following video and check the answers.
- See more at: http://www.eslvideo.com/esl_video_quiz_beginning.php?id=7618#sthash.evQMufe8.dpuf

Another quiz: ST PATRICK'S DAY

Finally, you can play some games. They may take some time to upload, be patient.
Games: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 .


Do the following listening exercise and review second conditional sentences.

- See more at: http://www.eslvideo.com/esl_video_quiz_intermediate.php?id=11394#sthash.a2bEiztO.dpuf

You can also listen to the song and get more practice. What would Beyoncé do if she were a boy?


Throughout the course of history there have been a lot of great speeches. Can you think of any? Watch the following video about the greatest speeches of the 20th century.

Now, we are going to focus on the speech that Steve Jobs gave at Stanford University in 2005 and in which he urges us to pursue our dreams and see the opportunities in life's setbacks- including death itself.
Watch the video, activate the subtitles if needed and then do the questions on the "Think" label on your right. Do this on a piece of paper because I will collect it before the class ends. In addition, you will have to write a short essay (about 50-60 words) on the following idea:
  • Jobs tells his audience to "live each day as if it were your last". What do you think of that advice? And if today were the last day of your life, how would you want to live it?

The future

Let's practice the future with some exercises and some games.

1) Will future: affirmative - negative - interrogative

2) Going to: mixed.

3) Going to: word order.

4) Going to: more.

And finally, some games:





This weekend we have chosen an article about health from The Independent. What is your opinion?

The video is about the effects of social media on our brain.

The song of the week is from the film SELMA and winner of the best song at Oscars.


- See more at: http://www.eslvideo.com/esl_video_quiz_low_intermediate.php?id=17475#sthash.clNqIhZS.dpuf
- See more at: http://www.eslvideo.com/esl_video_quiz_intermediate.php?id=19476#sthash.KfNqFMMk.dpuf


Here we are, time really flies, your last term at secondary school! How about creating a personal memory about your life at IES HONORI GARCÍA? Six years have gone by since you started and that trip is about to finish.There must be lots of things that you can share with all of us. These are some ideas, but feel free to use your own. Please surprise me!!
  • a song, a film or a book that you identify with this period of your life
  • school activities, classroom experiences, journeys, trips.... 
  • a dramatic, funny or special moment
  • family, friends, teachers ....and you could mention someone who has been specially relevant
  • aspects of your life and personality that have changed
  • your plans for the future ,  your expectations, your dreams ......
  • choose a quote you would like to be your motto now and in your future
You know I love exploring new tools and some months ago I read about Tackk. This tool allows you to publish photos, videos, audios, maps or text. I think you can create a tack page without signing up, but I am not sure if it is saved after one week. Therefore you should create your free account and we will make sure your content is saved. If you want to get familiar with this new tool, watch the demo video and read the tutorial.
Start doing some thinking and planning!! 14th of April will be your deadline.

When you feel you need a break, try the following spelling quiz and see how good you are.

Something about music? Do you know what song was number one the day you were born? Click on the image.