Today you can choose what you want to do, you can either work on your term project (My life for 1 Batx and My future for 2 Batx) or you can relax with some Halloween stuff. Before you start, let's talk about homework. Do you remember Hotel Transylvania film trailer? Did you watch it at home? Imagine you could visit the hotel, although it is supposed to be an escape for monsters only. Write the spookiest and funniest story you can think of in that setting. Write about 120 words and hand it to us next Monday. Don't forget to do it!!!!!!
If you want some kind of inspiration, read some stories here, but please don't be tempted to copy anything. 
Need to practice listening? Click on the link and go ahead.

                  Halloween: Holiday of the Dead.

And now, game time!!! Let's hope the computers work!!!


Halloween Statistics 2012: Creepy Calculations
Infographic Created by HalloweenCostumes.com.
Sorry about the design, but we couldn't resist uploading it. Hope you like it as much as we do.
Released just September, Hotel Transylvania tells a story of Dracula. Although you are not children anymore, you can watch the official international trailer and have a bit of fun.


As you know, Halloween is a very popular holiday in some countries like United Kingdom and The United States. For today's lesson, I have chosen a couple of exercises, first we will hear two people talking about trick-or-treating, then we will watch a video. If you keep checking the blog during the week, you will find many more activities and games.



For this first term's project you have to create a short story about the plans for your future: hobbies, studies, married life, career, retirement, holidays ... You can also write some predictions about the future of your lives, the country, the economic situation, the environment, technology, etc.
Once you have drafted some basic ideas, go to StoryBird and create a book to illustrate your plans and expectations for the future. Make sure that the images you choose for book reflect the content of what you are writing. You can take a tour and learn how to use the software and you can also see some examples. You will have to sign up before you use it to create your book.
When you finish your book you will get an embedding code which will be used to upload your books in our class blog.
Use your imagination and creativity and create an inspiring book.
Deadline: November, 21st. You can work in class in the computer room. Work hard and enjoy yourselves!



You have to create your family book or your life book for the end of this term. Use this webpage www.mixbook.com to do it. It is an online free software that allows you to create a personalised photo book and you can also add words to it.
Click here and you will be able to see an example.

Your writing plan could be as follows:
   - first years / early memories
   - school / high school
   - hobbies / sports
   - life experiences: things you have done in your life /    
   - now and the future: things you are interested in / things     
     you've always wanted to do / things you would like to do

It’s up to you to decide what kind of information you want to include. Be careful with grammar and spelling, look up in the dictionary any words you are not sure of and remember to use connectors. Use your imagination and creativity and make a funny and stunning book. I hope you don’t mind showing us your pictures!!!
When you finish you will get an embedding code, which we will use to upload your books in our blog.
Very important: deadline will be on the 21st of November. You can work on it every week with the school’s computers as I will be around to help you with content. GOOD LUCK!!!

If you want any ideas and to practice listening comprehension, watch this video about Steve Jobs' life. Remember you can check your answers when you finish  and watch the script.

And just to relax, try this word search.


Remember that reading and listening are important for a student of English as a Second Language. Here's your news article for the weekend. It's about Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking skydive from space. Enjoy it!

Skydiver Baumgartner lands safely on Earth after supersonic record.

And now, this week's song.


The British Council has a free website for English as  a Second Language students with games, stories, videos, listening activities, grammar and grammar exercises. It is a very useful site and you can choose from a huge variety of activities.
Today, we are going to redirect you to some activities but you should use the website at home for self-study. It has a very clear layout.

Let's begin with a reading and listening exercise on student power. Click here. You have to read and listen to the text. Then, do the exercise.

Exams are getting closer. You should start revising and practising grammar. Below, there are two links. The first one is the Quick Grammar Reference from the British Council, where you can check any grammatical issue. The second one is the Grammar Exercises section. Think about your needs and difficulties and do some work.

Browse the webpage and see which things interest you. There is also a special link for teenagers, called LearnEnglish Teens. You can access it by clicking on the image below.


Adele is back!!! Now, she sings Skyfall, the main theme for the new James Bond film.


Watch the video of the original trailer for the new James Bond film, Skyfall, which will be released in November. Pay attention to the dialogues and complete the blanks in the text below.

It's _________.
You both know what’s at stake here.
There isn't much _________ left. Take the bloody shot.
What do you say about a __________ like that?
Three ____________ ago you lost the drive containing the identity of every agent embedded in terrorists organizations _____________ the globe.
Double O 7 reporting for duty. - Where the hell have you ___________? -  Enjoying death.
I only have one question: _________ not stay dead? There is no shame in saying you've lost ...
They weren't targeting her. They ____________   her to see it.
_______________ to the new MI6. I'm your quartermaster. You must be joking. Walter PPKS 9 millimeter shot. It's been coded to your palm prints. Only you ________ fire it. Less of a random killing machine, more of a personal statement. - Q. - Double O 7.
I want to _________ your employer. - How much do you know about fear? All there is. Not like _______. Not like him.
Just look at you. Chasing spies. _____________. MI6. She sent you after me now when you are not ready, now when you _____________ likely die. Mommy was very bad.  The two survivors. This is what she made us.
Everybody needs a ______________. - So, what's yours? - Resurrection.

Solutions: gone    road    man    months    across    been   why     wanted     Welcome     can     meet     this    England    would     hobby


As this is going to be a long weekend, instead of one article we suggest a couple of them. Reading is a good way to improve your vocabulary and writing skills. Look up any words you don't know and are relevant to understand the gist of the text.


Dealing with verb tenses is not easy nor funny, but necessary. Remember "practice makes perfect". Click on the link, revise the grammar and do all the exercises. Check the answers when you finish.

Here is a game you are going to love at the same time you practice present simple and continuous. You have to kill as many teachers as you can, complete sentences with one of the tenses, use the mouse to move around and click to shoot. Let's see who wins!!


The James Bond franchise is marking 50 years since the first film, Dr. No, was released. With the 23rd about to premier, 007 has become one of the most influential movie series ever.
Whether you are a James Bond fan or not, today we are going to read and listen about Bond's world.
Do the following tasks and write down your answers to hand them in class the next day.

Task 1. Click on the link, listen to the radio programme and answer the questions. If you find it a bit challenging, you can download the script and read at the same time you listen.

Task 2. Surf the net and answer these questions:
a. Who is James Bond?
b. How many James Bond films are there?
c. How many different actors have played the role of Bond? 
d. Write the name of a film by each of them.
e. How many people have been killed in the films? And how many by James Bond?

Task 3. Look at this poster made by Matt Needle to celebrate the first James Bond film 50-year anniversary. Can you decipher which icons represent each film?

LOVE ME DO by The Beatles

Fifty years ago, the Beatles released their first single, Love Me Do.It quickly became a hit and for some people that is when The Sixties really began.The song was a hit with the teenagers of the 1960s, but have you ever heard them? Click on the link and you will hear some student's opinions. 

Love Me Do 50 years on: Teenagers' views on Beatles' first single

And now the video.

For those of you who want to find out a bit more about them and for all Bachillerato students, click on the link to a Guardian's article.

Love Me Do: the Beatles' first hit is 50



Do you know what those strange symbols are? They are phonetic symbols and are used to represent the different sounds of a language. If we become familiar with them, it will help us to improve our pronunciation. Click on the image below and start doing the different tasks. 

Playing word and vocabulary games in English is a valuable part of learning English too. So I hope you enjoy these two.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!


As you already know, watching regularly a TV series or film in its original version and subtitled can help you improve your vocabulary and your listening and speaking skills.That's why we are going to watch an episode of this famous American sitcom "How I met your mother" (season 6).Before watching each episode in class, one or two of you will prepare a list of about 20 words or idiomatic expressions and will explain their meanings or use to the rest of the class. You can read the script here (under VO) to be able to do this.
For those of you who don't know the sitcom, it is a comedy about Ted and how he fell in love. It all starts when Ted's best friend, Marshall, drops the bombshell that he's going to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Lily, a kindergarten teacher. At that moment, Ted realizes that he had better get a move on if he too hopes to find true love. Helping him in his quest is Barney, a friend who is always chatting up girl . When Ted meets Robin, he's sure it's love at first sight, but destiny may have something else in store. The series is narrated through flashbacks from the future when Ted recounts to his son and daughter the events that led to his meeting their mother.


OK, now that your computer is willing to work, you can read the different tasks you have to do. First, you can start with phonetics; click on the link, revise the phonemic chart (don't be lazy and look for it) and try any games. 

We have been reading about social networks in class, so click on the link below and do some research on them. Make notes and be ready to share them in class next week (good and bad points, curious facts.... )

Have a look at the previous entry in the blog and read the infographic about some of the most common grammar mistakes we all do.

It's up to you how you organize your time, when you finish you can try mobile madness.