Choose a video from this page to do some listening comprehension.

Click on the images and play word games. Let's see who wins!!

And music is a very good way to practice English.


A new and addictive game. Ready?

A quiz to test your vocabulary.

The old ones.

Finally, look for your favorite song and sing along.


Welcome to the computer room. Follow the instructions and do all the activities, little by little. there is no hurry! Click on the link and do some listening comprehension.

Next, we are going to revise vocabulary. Choose any category.

Now, grammar or spelling games.

More games.

And finally, some music.


Next week we will be very busy with exams and we won't be able to come to the computer room. Therefore, we are doing a webquest (from Onestopenglish) on St Patrick's today. I will give you the questions you have to answer and please give them before the class ends. These are the links you will be using.

Thanks a lot!!