The British Council has a free website for English as  a Second Language students with games, stories, videos, listening activities, grammar and grammar exercises. It is a very useful site and you can choose from a huge variety of activities.
Today, we are going to redirect you to some activities but you should use the website at home for self-study. It has a very clear layout.

Let's begin with a reading and listening exercise on student power. Click here. You have to read and listen to the text. Then, do the exercise.

Exams are getting closer. You should start revising and practising grammar. Below, there are two links. The first one is the Quick Grammar Reference from the British Council, where you can check any grammatical issue. The second one is the Grammar Exercises section. Think about your needs and difficulties and do some work.

Browse the webpage and see which things interest you. There is also a special link for teenagers, called LearnEnglish Teens. You can access it by clicking on the image below.


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