There is no need to emphasize again how important learning English pronunciation is, nor how unpredictable it is. Therefore you should get in the habit of checking the pronunciation of words in a dictionary. Then you need to recognize the symbols, sounds and pronounce them.
First we will revise the sounds in The Phonemic chart. Click on the phoneme to hear the sounds, wait for a sample word to be read and then repeat the sound.

Now we will focus on the pair of sounds we studied the other day in class:  /æ/   /ʌ/. Watch the videos and then do some exercises to contrast them.


Finished? Here you are a free resource called Phonetic focus, which has about 20 different interactive tools. You have to start by checking your level, so look for "Entry and Exit" and take the test. After it, choose any other activity and start practising.

Let's do something different now and do some listening comprehension. Click on the link below and try the exercises.

What do you think about shopping?

If you have done everything, it means you have worked a lot, then you deserve some relax with Professor Garfield's Reading ring game. Read the comic strips and then put them in the correct order. to win the round, you have to answer two questions correctly. Good luck!!


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