This term you are going to create an avatar of a famous historical figure. The digital tool we will be using this time is called Voki and it allows to customize your character (head, clothing, accessories.....) and it also allows to record your own voice. Explain who they are, what they did,or why they are important. Don't panic, you can only talk for 1 minute. Do some thinking and research. Tell me the figure you have chosen as soon as you have made up your mind, show me what you want to say and record it. Here you are a couple of tutorials and the link to the tool.

I think you should do it at home, it will be quicker and easier, taking into account all the problems we have with the broadband here at school.They have to be finished by the 20th!!
And now, it's time to do some reading and listening. Choose one of each from the following links and show them to me when finished.(Your level is B1)
Finally, if you have worked hard, I will allow you to choose a game from this page.


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