And what is a doodle video? Drawings that support the lyrics of a song. For example:

You can work in small groups or all the class together. It's up to you. In any case, this is what you have to do. Choose a song which has repetition or it isn't very fast.
Look for the lyrics and number each line of the song. Then draw a picture which shows the meaning of each of those lines (number the sheets of paper too) and write the lyrics nice and in clear print.
After you have all the pictures finished in order (lines that repeat can represent 6,7,8 for example), take a photo of each. Now that you have the photos, upload them to the computer. It is time to make the video.You will need a video editing program installed in your computer (windows movie maker for example). And let's hope we can enjoy the video.
Here you are another video so you can get more ideas!!

Use any of the following links for the lyrics.
Tune into English


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