In informal  conversation we usually report speech using the introductory verbs say and tell. In more formal speech and writing, we use a greater variety of introductory verbs to better reflect the situation and intention of the speaker. These are called reporting verbs and there are different patterns used after them. 

1. verb + full infinitive: agree, ask, offer, promise, refuse, threaten 
                                    He refused to see her.

2. verb + object + full infinitive: tell, advise, ask, beg, invite, order, persuade, remind, warn
                                    I told her to come. 
                                    My father advised me to get a better job.

3. Verb + gerund: admit, deny, suggest, recommend  
                                     He denied having been there.
                                    They suggested trying the new Chinese restaurant.

4. verb + object + thattell, advise, convince, persuade, promise, remind, explain, complain  
                                     They reminded me that they would be home late.

5. verb + 5. object + preposition + gerund: 
congratulate + him on passing the exam
accuse + her of cheating
blame + us for breaking it
apologise to + me + for + being late
insist on + seeing the manager

And some listening practice for you!!


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