Combine sentences to make relative clauses, defining or non-defining:

1. He wants to get a job. This job is rewarding enough.
2. The clerks are more than twenty-one years old. They work in Mr Jenkin’s office. 
3. The book is the best. I’ve selected it.
4. There is the man. We’ve heard about him on the TV. 
5. The gentleman is my English teacher. You spoke to him on the street.
6. There’s the gentleman. His car has been stolen.
7. The employee has just arrived. You cannot guess his age.
8. Mama’s is an Italian restaurant. I eat here at least once a month. 
9. Kibbutz offers courses in Environmental Studies. It was founded by an American youth group. 
10.  The Olympic snowboarding event was exciting. Many people watched it on TV.      
11. Romeo and Juliet were lovers. Their parents hated each other.
12. The train broke down again. It was already half an hour late.

13.  My French teacher is very friendly. He never gets angry with us.    
14.  The Vatican is in Rome. It is an independent state.
15. I haven’t decided the day. I’ll get married on that day.     


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