An adjective is a word that qualifies a noun. It gives more information about the noun.

eg. The lion is a strong animal.
      Rita is a beautiful girl.

Adjectives are of three degrees. (1) Positive (2) Comparative (3) Superlative

Comparative and superlative are formed depending on the number of syllables they have.

Comparative is used when you want to compare two things. For example one person is tall and the other is short. So you will say: Person A is taller than person B. OR Person B is shorter than person A.
You can see some more examples below in the picture.

Superlative is used if you want to say that someone is number 1. For example, you can say that Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world. There are other examples of the usage of superlatives in the picture:
Superlatives example picture

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