In groups of TWO people prepare a presentation project about one of the topics suggested below.The presentation should have a duration of 8/10 minutes, at least five minutes each of you. You can use any online tool (e-mazeprezigoogle slidestackk ....), just make sure we will be able to watch it in class. Over the week, tell me the topic you have chosen and the members of the group. You have to send it to me for correction before the 2nd of May.

Topics to choose:
1- Choose a city from an English speaking country and find information about it: geography, landmarks, food, things you can do there .......

2- Choose a festival from and English speaking  country and explain when and where it is celebrated, origins, traditions .....
You will be assessed individually and as a group. 
Do not copy and paste from the Internet. Use your own words, be creative. do not fill your slides with too much text, just facts, pictures and key words. You can use index cards to remember what you want to explain.


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