For your first time project you will have to write a story for small children using Storybird, a creative writing tool.
Before you get to know this tool, remember the basics of writing a story: time, place, characters, plot, conflict and a resolution. Click on the link below and revise all these elements with Cinderella fairy tale.

Now you have to watch the video and learn to use Storybird.

I will give you a choice of different ideas for your story, choose one of them and write a draft first. If you show it to me, I can help you with mistakes. Then I will give you your login details and you can start to write your story with Storybird.

Write a story about…
·      a class that comes together for a special project.
·      a young boy who loves magic .
·      a group of friends who win a trip to England.
·      a kid who becomes principal of the school.
·      a young girl who loves race cars.
·      traveling back in time to see the dinosaurs.
·      a kid who saves Christmas for everyone.
·      a brother and sister who find an old journal in the attic.
·      traveling to the future to your city 300 years from now.
·      a friendly alien who comes to Earth
·      a teacher who becomes a movie star.
·      a group of friends who learn a dangerous secret about their school.
·      a dog with magic powers.
·      a city where everyone only eats dessert.
·      a brother and sister who accidentally get on the wrong airplane.
·      a magic cell phone that turns into a robot.

   Or write a story that somehow combines the following three items. Each item can be a major part of the story or a minor detail—as it long as it appears somewhere.

·      a hot dog, a skateboard, and a rose.
·      a set of keys, a special piece of jewelry, and a bowl of soup.
·      a bicycle, an old book, and a pair of flip flops.
·      the first day of school, a cup of coffee, and the mailman.
·      a beach, the zoo, and the Statue of Liberty.
·      a dog, a Christmas tree, and a babysitter.
·      a Barbie doll, an iPod, and a paintbrush.
·      a guitar, a rainbow, and a mirror.

I  It will be useful to read some kid's stories. Click on the image and choose one, read and listen. Be patient, it may take some time!!

If you have any questions, please ask me. Don't waste your time and start working. Your deadline is the 18th of November.
Revise verb tenses with this game.



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