For this second term you are going to plan a gap year abroad. To get familiar with the topic, click on the link and read.
Look at the infographic and check the top gap year destinations .


We need three groups. Please tell me the names of the people forming each group before the lesson finishes.
Do some research and prepare a powerpoint presentation which you will have to present to your classmates in the most attractive and clear way you are capable of.You can use any type of digital support for your presentation: Powerpoint, Prezi, Slideshare, Emaze .....
There is not a number of fixed slides, make it as along as you need, your oral presentation should last about 10 minutes).
As regards content, here you are some ideas:
- why a gap year?
- benefits?
- where to?
- how long?
- things to do
- money needed and how you are planning to get it

There are lots of webpages, these are just some of them:
Feel free to surf the net on your own.
Deadline: 5th February
Start working and don't leave it for next day !!!!!!!!


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