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Too and enough

A. Too means ‘more is necessary or desirable.’

1. Too + adjective / adverb
Ex: This jumper’s too big. Can I try a smaller size?

2. Too much / Too many (+ noun)
Ex: I can’t eat this. There is too much salt in it.
Ex: There are too many people here. Let’s go outside.

3. Too + adverb / adjective (+ for + object) + infinitive
Ex: It’s too cold to play tennis today.
Ex: He spoke too quickly for me to understand him.

B. Enough means ‘as much as is necessary’

1. Adjective / Adverb + enough
Ex: Are you warm enough or shall I turn the heating on?

2. Enough + noun
Ex: We’ll have to stand because there aren’t enough chairs.

3. Enough (+ for + object) + infinitive with to
Ex: I haven’t got enough time to see you today.

So and such

These ‘intensifiers’ are used to give emphasis.

A. So is used before:

       1. Adjectives and adverbs without nouns.

Ex: I’m so tired. I’ll have to go to bed.

2. Much, many, little, few.
Ex: You shouldn’t eat so much, Jack.

B. Such is used with or without an adjective before:

      1. Singular countable nouns ( the indefinite article a/an is also needed).

Ex: She’s got such a wonderful voice.

2. Uncountable nouns and plural countable nouns (the article is not needed).
Ex: Our neighbors are such friendly people.

C. So and such can both be used with a that clause to talk about the results or consequences.

Ex: It was such a boring place that we decided to leave.
Ex: It was raining so hard we had to stop the car.


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